BSSEC publishes ninth annual report

The Covid-19 pandemic was still unfolding when we published our previous Annual Report. Since then the full scale of the crisis has become evident – the social, economic and human cost it has exacted, the change and adaptation it has required, and the continuing transformation that will be necessary as part of the recovery.

The pandemic inevitably had an impact on how we worked during 2020/21 to create opportunities for social enterprise and social value — but it did not diminish the importance of this work. Indeed, quite the reverse: the social economy has always been vital to helping create inclusive economic growth and stronger and more diverse local economies. It must now be central in helping to ensure a just, inclusive and equitable recovery from the pandemic. Throughout the earlier stages of the pandemic we worked hard to ensure that wherever possible recovery planning was informed by a social economy perspective. We shall continue to do this confident that the sector will play the fullest role possible in both economic and community recovery.

Again, we gratefully acknowledge funding from The Barrow Cadbury Trust which for some years now has helped support BSSEC’s work. We especially want to record our appreciation of the Trust’s flexible and supportive approach. This has always been characteristic of the Trust but during the Covid-19 pandemic we found it especially helpful and especially reassuring.

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