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To effect change and meet the future needs of the West Midlands social economy, BSSEC CIC has developed our Theory of Change that aligns with our business planning, Board and funder reporting.


Information is key for social economy development.

We work closely with our Members and supporters to understand the social economy business environment. These include Local Authorities, West Midlands Combined Authority, Universities, Regeneration Boards, Housing Associations, NHS and National Government Departments as well as local and national infrastructure organisations, investors and impact consultants.

BSSEC CIC actively listens to social economy organisations concerning barriers and obstacles to sustainability and business growth and use this information to advocate on behalf of the sector.

Regional development, public sector contracts, supply chain opportunities and changes in services and communities all create opportunities for social economy growth and this needs sharing! We provide regular sector updates to everyone on our circulation lists as well as specialist blogs and social media posts sharing everything relevant.

Impact and social value underpin the work of the social economy.

Sharing stories, connecting organisations and brokering opportunities is another key element of our work. Understanding the potential of social value to support local communities, especially concerning regeneration, is poorly understood.

Collaboration to achieve social value and impact is the future. We bring individuals and organisations together to explore this approach and support them to change their practice.         

Knowledge exchange and learning together enables best practice.

Our Members and subscribers have the opportunity to meet virtually and in-person to share expert insights and practical learning, and also test out new thinking leading to innovation and new ways of thinking, working and communicating.

We collaborate, write papers on key topics, responses to national consultations, make presentations, deliver seminars and conferences – all in support of social economy growth.    

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