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Here at BSSEC CIC, we aim to be knowledgeable, accessible and friendly in how we engage with the sector, our Members and subscribers. That means you can email us and we’ll help, either ourselves or by signposting you (appropriately) to someone in our network who can offer support on specialist areas of interest.

You can also get involved with us and the regional social economy in a number of ways:

  • Invite us to be part of your conversations regarding the social economy; as a speaker, consultant, researcher, facilitator or contributor.
  • Work with us to develop new ideas and share your practical approaches to social economy growth.  
  • Receive regular, relevant information on sector opportunities, blogs, training, new developments and so much more by subscribing to our information service.
  • Take part in our events which include training, seminars, Roundtables and conferences.
  • Hear about national and local government initiatives and policies, and have the opportunity to comment through us.
  • Become a Member and contribute actively to growing the social economy in the West Midlands.
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