BSSEC CIC: A ‘New News’ Update

We wanted to share a brief update on some of the things we’ve been working hard on recently, and a few highlights of what’s ahead for BSSEC CIC as we continue to focus our attention on the social economy growth agenda, and continue to promote the West Midlands social enterprise sector.

Sit back with a cuppa and enjoy a 2 minute read of all things BSSEC CIC 2023!

We’re delighted to welcome new Members and Subscribers to BSSEC CIC – the life-blood of supporters who are as passionate about social enterprise, social procurement and growing the West Midlands social economy as we are. There are now 27 Members who represent a diverse range from finance and funding to charities and infrastructure organisations, faith and wellbeing to public sector and private business. This year, BSSEC CIC also welcomes over 300 Subscribers, just shy of 400 LinkedIn followers and more than 800 Twitter followers which means our reach is ‘reaching further’.

As always, BSSEC CIC exists as a network of organisations who come together to develop opportunities, share knowledge, catalyse thinking, create connections and broker introductions to promote social business and encourage economic justice. To keep us focused, BSSEC CIC has developed our BSSEC CIC Theory of Change MASTER 2023 which is a great anchor for all the work that we do across the region and ensuring that we remain relevant, effective and innovative.

All this will feature and have more detail on our new website which is in design and build. Actually, we’re excited to see the new layouts at the end of this week!

The website brief has been to ensure that it is not only ‘fit for purpose’ but is informative, accessible and engaging for web visitors with a vibrant, visually impactful style that reflects the social enterprise sector and the regional social economy growth drivers.

Last year, we ran our first Eco-Systems Roundtable Series… and we had some fabulous feedback on the impact from these small group sessions from the quality of speakers, the wide-ranging conversations and thought-provoking perspectives. So, yes, they will be back by popular demand, and starting next month!

Our first session will be Tuesday 16th May 2023, 11.00am to 12.30pm: Building a Social Investment Eco-System. To register your interest to attend, please email Sallie.

Further sessions will be bi-monthly and include supply chains, leadership and scaling social impact.

NEWS in Brief continues to be a key communication piece for BSSEC CIC and we invite you to keep us posted on news, events, reports, updates and funds that we can share across our network on your behalf. If there is something you’d like to see more of, please let us know. Please feel free to share our updates with your own networks, colleagues and partners to help us showcase the incredible work being done, and the social impact gained, for our neighbourhoods and businesses.

We’re always available if there is something you’d like to discuss and we’ll keep you posted on all our BSSEC CIC ‘new news’!

Sarah and Sallie

Email for NEWS in Brief and Membership information

BSSEC CIC Theory of Change 2023

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