Birmingham City Council launches new Match My Project portal

For some while now Birmingham City Council has been considering methods for making it easier for businesses to support local community projects — whether they wish to do this as part of their CSR commitments or in pursuit of specific Social Value pledges a company may have made as part of winning public sector contracts.

The intention of the new Match My Project portal, however, goes beyond this in seeking to link as many businesses as possible with community organisations/projects that are seeking help and support.

Obviously, the better populated the portal is both with companies able to offer assistance and community groups seeking support, the more effective it is likely to be.

In the longer term, as the site becomes more widely used, it will also offer a quick indication of companies supporting their local communities, the amount of time they have donated and the impact that this has achieved. It is an interesting development in the practical application of social value.

Whether you are a business or a community organisation you can find out more and sign up here

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