‘Your brand is not your logo’

Further to yesterday’s post about iSE’s Responding to Change conference…

Confused about branding? Think that ‘brand management’ is something faintly slimy that belongs only in the big, bad corporate world? Ever wondered what factors go to make up a ‘brand’ — and whether you have one? And if you do, what customers and stakeholders think of it?

Well, Ranjit Bansal at Dynamic Marketing has kindly written up a wonderfully useful — and useable — summary of the masterclass on brand management that she delivered at the conference.

Read Ranjit’s masterclass summary and be enlightened!

  1. Martin Hogg Reply

    This social enterprise branding article is an excellent piece of work to
    match Ranjit’s great presentation on the day. There is so much that can be learnt from great brands from all sectors that are doing it right.
    I highly recommend you read this thoroughly!

  2. Mark Ellerby Reply

    DYNAMIC have created a fantastic summary and tips on Branding here which should be a must read for all social enterprises and start ups! It’s interesting how many companies spend a fortune on branding and get it wrong or a CEO expects that a brand is created overnight in the marketing department!

    So perhaps the Social Enterprise Mark (and others) can take some comfort from Apple – take a look at their logo and brand in the making (below)


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