Wilmott Dixon partners Jericho in Spark Challenge bid

Midlands construction giant Wilmott Dixon has formed a partnership with Jericho Foundation to assist the social enterprise in bidding to the Spark Challenge. If successful, the bid will secure additional resources to help Jericho develop the first community-based timber recycling enterprise, providing employment opportunities for ex-offenders and homeless people.

Feasibility research funded by West Midlands Probation Service — which wishes to be an early customer for employment placements at the enterprise — and a Be Birmingham innovation grant confirmed that the West Midlands is virgin territory for timber recycling.

Specialist expertise on the project was provided in the early stages by the National Community Wood Recycling project, a national network which encourages the formation of sustainable timber recycling using a tried and tested social enterprise business model, iSE’s social enterprise hub service, and BSSEC. This gives some idea of the work involved in assembling the right kind of development partnership to take a new business idea forward.

Jericho timber recycling will shortly be gearing up for its first customers — both those seeking to buy or dispose of timber, and those seeking to utilise its employment services. If you’d like to know more about the new business, contact Carlo Ropos at Jericho on (0121) 440-7919.

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Good luck, Jericho — here’s to a new era of timber recycling in Brum and the West Midlands.

  1. Alun Severn Reply

    I’m posting this comment for David Alcock at Anthony Collins Solicitors because for some reason WordPress won’t recognise him… Infuriating but temporary, I hope:

    David Alcock said:

    “Good news and congratulations to Jericho and Willmott Dixon on an innovative and interesting initiative. As the whole landscape of contracting changes in the light of the comprehensive spending review, social enterprises need to have the courage to step into the unknown, including forming partnerships with the private sector! There are lots of opportunities out there despite the dark clouds – and sometimes maybe even because of them …”

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