Who ya gonna call?

Sadly (at least for someone of my generation) the answer is not “Ghostbusters”. Rather, this is just to draw to your attention to something reported in this morning’s Metro newspaper. This was that the first people in the queue for Apple’s new iphone were using the place to promote their new social enterprise.

The social enterprise is called Crowd Fuelled Causes http://crowdfuelledcauses.com/ and seems to be a ‘crowd funding’ site. Their first project is called Hope Boutique Bakery and you can read more about it here: http://crowdfuelledcauses.com/causes/hope-boutique-bakery.

Apparently, the people just after them in the queue were there to raise awareness of an autism charity. Is this part of a new trend to build on new product launches? Either way, it was good to see mention of social enterprise in a national newspaper which boasts circulation figures of more than 1.3m.

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