Web-Fuelled Business!

Did you know that as part of the replacement services for the old Business Link service the Dept for Business Innovation & Skills has commissioned FREE bootcamps right across the country for businesses that want to get more out of the web?

No, until this morning I didn’t either.

The Birmingham bootcamp is on the 19th January 2012 — around 300 delegates have already booked but there are an estimated 100 places left — so if this could help your social enterprise, get booking!

Click on the graphic to go to the Web Fuelled Business registration page.

  1. Charles Rapson Reply

    Good old BIS. They organise all sorts of things but forget Social Enterprise. Be carful with what you sign up for though. This one looks worthwhile but BIS dont seem to have any form of quality assurance. Some of the things they support & promote look iffy. You dont suppose its promoting mates businesses do you?

  2. Alun Severn Reply

    Charles, I’ve no idea whether BIS is putting business the way of their friends, but this appears to be being promoted through the LEPs and as far as I can see hasn’t been cheap to organise/provide — it would be daft if SEs missed out simply because they don;t know about it — and while not useful for all SEs there will certainly be some that can gain from this…

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