University of Birmingham seeks social enterprises for new year workshops, speaker panels, internships

Over the course of the next year, the University of Birmingham is planning several events that offer opportunities for local social enterprises as speakers, exhibitors and hosts of student interns.

Here are the details as we have them at the moment.

Hassana Ahmed, Enterprise Lead for the University of Birmingham’s Careers Network says:

The University of Birmingham is seeking social entrepreneurs from social enterprises in and around Birmingham and the wider West Midlands area.

1) In the first instance we are seeking panel speakers to explain their social enterprise and its social purpose to students — how you came to identify your social purpose, the specific problems or causes you are concerned with, and how your enterprise helps.

We aim to deliver two of these events over the next year, with 3 social entrepreneurs speaking at each and so need at least 6 social entrepreneur speakers.

The first event is provisionally set for 14th February 2018.

2) Following on from these events, we’d like the social enterprises to provide opportunities for small project-specific pieces of work that could employ 1 or 2 students to work on something your enterprise needs assistance with — for example, analysing a problem and producing a solution.

The students would work for up to 20 hours over a course of a term. This will support the student’s employability and skills development and will also help them consider social enterprises as a career choice.

The cost of employing the students will be met by the university.

3) We would also like students too have the opportunity to spend a half-day at the social enterprise, meeting professionals in varying roles and through this gaining a better understanding of the kind of graduate roles that might be possible in social enterprise. We are looking for 4 employers to offer their time — approximately 3 hours for about 40 students. We would organise coaches and bring students on site.

4) And finally, we are looking for social entrepreneurs to provide social enterprise awareness workshops covering: what is social enterprise; how t o start a social enterprise; and the common pitfalls in developing new-start social enterprises.

If you are interested in being part of this initiative, please SEND MAIL to Hassana Ahmed, Enterprise Lead for the University of Birmingham’s Careers Network.

Thank you, Hassana Ahmed.

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