University of Birmingham seeks internship opportunities for arts, law & social science students

The University of Birmingham is committed to developing and strengthening links with businesses in the region, as well as supporting the growth of young talent for the future.

As part of its commitment, its Careers Network offers two placement modules for College of Arts and Law and College of Social Sciences students. These modules require students to undertake a short-term placement (40-100 hours) as the basis of their assignments.

The University’s Placements Team is keen to engage with an array of employers — including social enterprise and third sector employers — who would be keen to offer a placement. Placement providers will be required to:

  • Offer a structured project/piece of work that the student can work on.
  • Provide support to the student throughout their placement where required.
  • Lead on the recruitment process (e.g. shortlisting applications, undertaking interviews and providing feedback to unsuccessful applicants).


The Placements Team will be on hand to support all providers, from initial discussions through to post-placement debrief and feedback. The modules offer a great opportunity for employers to gain additional support, whether that’s to undertake a short term project or engage in a key piece of research, and share knowledge and experience with the next generation of business professionals.

The students work on bespoke projects that are tailored to real business needs; their contribution could support you in taking your business to the next level, while also bring new ideas and enthusiasm to the workplace.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send mail to Sarah Hughes, placements officer, University of Birmingham.

Sarah Hughes on Twitter.



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