Two Years of Social Enterprise Mentor Networking

Social Enterprise Mentor turn 2 years old this month…or to put it another way…

  • Over 600 cups of coffee (tea, wine, water, etc)
  • Lots of conversations and business outcomes
  • Almost 9,000 website visits

Social Enterprise Mentor, Birmingham’s only monthly networking event dedicated to supporting Social Enterprise, is two years old this month. For those that do not know about Social Enterprise Mentor the premise is simple – you turn up, grab a coffee and chat! There’s no one giving pushy sales speeches or individuals working the room with the aim of selling you something! It’s hosted, so there’s always a warm welcome!

In the last two years Social Enterprise Mentor has become the place for networking in the local social enterprise sector, but it does so much more than that! It provides free to access informal start up and business support allowing existing social enterprises to share experiences with those that are new / emerging social entrepreneurs or looking to support the sector. It also provides a great opportunity to find potential funding opportunities, to build lasting business partnerships and to develop collaborations for the future.

“Two years on we are still working with a client we met at your first ever event!”

Jan Golding of Roots HR

It’s not just a Birmingham event! Over the last two years we have welcomed visitors from as far away as London, Leeds, Manchester and Exeter; we have also held special events for Social Enterprise Day, the University Sector, as well as,  events in Coventry and Wolverhampton with new towns and cities planned in the near future.

Come and join us as we celebrate two years of networking:

  • Wednesday 15th February 2012
  • 3.30pm-5.00pm
  • Yumm at The Custard Factory

Details and to register visit the Social Enterprise Mentor (limited availability, by registration only)


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