There’s gold in them thar NHS hills!

A Dept of Health tendering exercise to identify specialist contractors who can support the development of SEs emerging under the DoH right to request legislation has just been terminated part-way through – at an estimated cost to bidders of between £800,000-£1m. Some 70+ consortia had been narrowed down to 21 which were actively engaged in developing bids. Mind you, this lost investment in bid development has been calculated by participants (some of the top law and accountancy firms) at a day-rate of £2,000-£2,500.

Specialist expertise doesn’t come cheap, but this will look rich (no pun intended) to many SE business development organisations that have decades’ of experience but can’t finance their services – especially the kind of labour-intensive, long-term support grassroots organisations and local communities need to develop new social enterprise initiatives.

Personally, I think the NHS was right to pull the tender…

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