The Venture Society — ‘red Tory’ think-tank demands radical new approach to social enterprise support

Social Enterprise mag has just covered the launch of the radical right think-tank ResPublica’s new report, The Venture Society. The report, part of an UnLtd project, calls for the ‘radicalisation’ of business support and the slashing of the bureaucracy associated with providing support.

The report calls  for a new approach to supporting “grassroots social entrepreneurs”, including local ‘community labs’ — based on Danish and US models — offering basic support and advice, and a network of social enterprise hubs capable of offering the basic infrastructure, support and funding so that significantly greater numbers of new-start enterprises can come forward.

Launching the report UnLtd’s Cliff Prior said, “Right now we are in the position where it is easier for a teenager to start a youth gang than a youth club – we must turn that round…”

Watch this space. I for one would relish a struggle for the heart and mind of social enterprise business support.

  1. Monica Reply

    I have long since stated such sentiments. The bureaucracy around getting basic support such as a hot desk, internet, printer & paper and dare a say £10.00 free use of a landline telephone you could use at lease 2-3 times a week with support advisors useing the same space in a building would go a long way to encouraging idea’s & desire to go into social business for not only young people but also the long term unemployed and mother’s (both single & attached) aimed at people from deprived commnity would mostl likely surprise those that seek outputs & outcomes. The way we currenlty support people is one of the biggest killers of dreams & desires and efforts, (unless you a very pally with the support givers – you don’t get fairly treated).

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