The Public Services (Social Value) Bill Passed – Find Out More at BVSC 2nd March 2012

The Public Services (Social Value) Bill passed its final stages today (28th February 2012) and looks set to be on statute books in the next few days. The new law will require public bodies including councils, for the first time, to consider the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of an area when a service is commissioned. The author of the bill, Chris White MP, along with a host of other speakers will be at the Social Enterprise Mark’s ’50in250′ West Midlands Campaign launch this week providing an opportunity to hear first hand what the new Act means for social enterprise, the statutory and even the private sector.

Social Enterprise UK have produced A Guide to The Public Services (Social Value) Bill which was co-drafted by Mark Collins Mark Cook of Anthony Collins Solicitors [not Mark Collins, as SEUK has credited the writer in the publication!], a member of BSSEC.

The Social Enterprise Mark’s ’50 in 250′ Campaign in the West Midlands 2nd March 2012

The Social Enterprise Mark’s ’50 in 250′ campaign to get 50 large companies to sign up to buy from at least 5 Social Enterprise Mark holders within 250 days will be held in Birmingham on Friday 2nd March 2012. Register Here.

This campaign, which is supported by Cloudberry, SEWM CIC and BVSC, has been designed to provide large corporate organisations with a meaningful and easy way to develop an ethical supply chain. For minimal input, you could reap huge benefits in terms of leading the movement of using social enterprises in your supply chain to demonstrate really meaningful corporate social responsibility and enhance your corporate ethical credentials.

Following on from the successful launch event in London, the ’50in250′ comes to Birmingham. The event will a feature keynote address from Chris White MP on his Public Services (Social Value) Bill plus, Brian Carr CEO of BVSC Melanie Mills CEO of Social Enterprise West Midlands, Neil Hopkins Head of Procurement at Birmingham City Council, Rachel Woolliscroft Sustainability Director at WATES group and Lucy Findlay CEO of the Social Enterprise mark Company.

If you want to find out more about the Social Enterprise Mark, opportunities to trade with the social enterprise sector or to see how the sector could benefit your businesses CRS objectives then this is a must attend event – Register Here (limited availability)

“KPMG is keen to support the 50in250 campaign. We actively seek to include social enterprises, minority-ethnic owned businesses and other target supplier groups in our sourcing activities and tenders. To this end, we are pursuing a 2 tier strategy, including social enterprises in our own tenders for HR & marketing-related goods & services, and engaging with our top 50 suppliers to encourage them to include diverse suppliers in their own supply-chains, both generally and specifically in support of services provided to KPMG,” Mark Powderham, Head of European Procurement, KPMG, said.

The Social Enterprise Live blog covers the story well here.


  1. Simon Lee Reply

    I was pleased to see that the Bill had finally got through. Although not so strong as it was when first proposed, it is good to see this on the statute books.

    I note that the Anthony Collins’ contribution was from Mark Cook, rather than “Mark Collins”, as SEUK had printed it! Credit where credit’s due, etc…

    • Alun Severn Reply

      I thought it didn’t look or sound right, Simon — thanks for the correction.

      • Nick Temple Reply

        Thanks both – I’ll make sure it’s amended appropriately at SE UK. We’re working with Mark on a range of stuff, so this is merely due to an error of haste in wanting to get the guide out in time for the bill passing…..

        Glad you welcome it: the policy team at SE UK deserve credit, along with Chris White + his team, and all the social enterprises who’ve supported it along the way. Now we just need to get it *implemented* right :0)

        • Alun Severn Reply

          Nick, Thanks — you’re right: the devil will be in the detail of implementation…

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