Telling it like it is

I have few real heroes but have just added a new one to my list. Martin Sime, the CEO of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.

OK, I’ll admit a slight national bias being an exiled Scot – worse still an exiled Highlander (same race, bigger chip on shoulder) but read what he has to say about central government, riots, cuts and the Big Society and tell me you dont agree.


Makes me proud to be a Scot!



  1. Brian Carr Reply

    Alun, you certainly know how to make a man feel nostalgic! Oh for those steep Caledonian hills….

    Martin makes the critical point, I think, that when a government recognises that a well-funded voluntary sector isn’t part of the fiscal problem – but is instead a key element in its solution – real social benefits can be realised in the long-term.

    It also appears that north of the border there’s a genuine recognition that it’s the differences and not the similarities between the public and voluntary sectors that make them such powerful allies.

    But I’d expect nothing less from a canny Scot!

  2. Alun Severn Reply

    Charles’s post not mine, Brian…. I’m no exiled Scot (perhaps unfortunately)…

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