Tales of social enterprise

Published to mark Birmingham’s first week-long City Drive social enterprise festival, Tales of social enterprise tells the stories of six social entrepreneurs whose businesses operate in the Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter.

Click the graphic to read this on Issuu

Click the graphic to read this on Issuu

City Drive — which runs from the 20th-24th April inclusive — is about raising the profile of social enterprise in Birmingham. We want to get more people thinking about how they can support social enterprise — by buying from, volunteering with, working for, volunteering to help, investing in or even starting a social enterprise.

For anyone curious about the real-life experience of starting, growing and sustaining a social enterprise — what makes people do it and how do they go about it? — Tales of social enterprise will be a fascinating read.

The booklet was researched and written by Sally Edwards of Spot On Marketing CIC.

Do have a look at the City Drive programme of events — there are over twenty events at various times and venues throughout the week. They’re all free. The themes for the week are:

  • Monday: Telling the story of the Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter.
  • Tuesday: Social enterprises in supply chains.
  • Wednesday: Involving young people in social enterprise.
  • Thursday: Social change and social enterprise.
  • Friday: Birmingham — a social enterprise city.


UPDATE 21/04/15: Sally Edwards, who masterminded this publication, has asked me to add the following. Some little while back contributions were invited from social entrepreneurs willing to be case studies in a larger new book showcasing social enterprises in Birmingham and beyond. Over 50 enterprises sent expressions of interest.

There is therefore clearly the potential for a much more substantial publication and Sally still intends to pursue that. The work involved will be significant, however, and so this is now planned for August/September 2015. We’ll update with further information as it becomes available.

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