Social value in health — it doesn’t have to be complicated

We wrote in this recent post about the slow progress being made in health commissioning to embrace social value.

As ever, we were reminded today that the health sector is so diverse and so complex that the picture you get of social value depends very much on where you look.

While progress amongst CCGs, for example, remains slow, amongst other types of health bodies interesting things are happening.

Medway Community Health Care, for example, a £52m turnover CIC and one of the biggest social enterprise health providers, is taking proactive steps to report on its social value.

Take a look at its most recent social value report.

What Medway’s approach shows is that reporting on social value doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to involve sophisticated financial proxies or newly devised metrics — which all too often only mean something to health specialists. It’s just a simple, straightforward narrative detailing what has been achieved and how.

We think this is to be welcomed. It shows that it is possible to take a proactive approach and report on social value in ordinary, simple language.


Extract from Medway Community Health Care’s social value report

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