Social enterprise slot machines?

There’s a fascinating and thought-provoking article in today’s Guardian Society about a social business that has turned to gaming and bars to offer jobs to the hard to employ in great Yarmouth.

Hospitality and Grow is a partnership venture between Towering Leisure — Great Yarmouth-based leisure and gaming company — and the award-winning training and employment social enterprise, the Grow Organisation.

At first glance it seems that the ‘products’ offered by Hospitality and Grow – gaming arcades and slots – could not be more at variance with its mission… But as Daryn Ferguson, the former croupier and casino manager  brought in to run the project, says in the piece,  this is “Yarmouth’s relevant employment” and the hardest to employ — ex-offenders, those with mental health problems and recovering drug  and alcohol addicts — “shouldn’t be excluded from that”.

  1. Dave Lane Reply

    Hey, I at first thought No Way, but I’m converted. The point about the industry being the main local eployment is a key issue. It’s clear the ex con featured has benifited massively from this initiative. Will be interesting to see how this one develops over the next 6 months or so, seems to have massive future jobs investment, seems like some real joined up thinking going one here….

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