Social Enterprise Investment Fund reopens for business

The SEIF — previously under the Dept of Health’s control and now externally administered by the Social Investment Business — has reopened for business, according to Third Sector Online.

The fund is currently worth £19m and of this it is anticipated that £8m will be disbursed in the form of loans. Capital and revenue grants, including help with ICT support, are also available, pitched at between £30k-£150k.

The key issue of course is eligibility and I have to say this fund has the least user-friendly guidance I have seen in ages. Clearly, the primary aim of the fund is to support public sector workers who are ‘post Right to Request’ — i.e. are raising funds to support spin-outs. But the guidance also refers to the fund supporting health and social care social enterprises that are high-impact — and does not say that these must be existing or emerging DH spin-outs, only that they must be working with the health service.

Anyway, any SE for which any of this sounds even broadly relevant will no doubt want to look at the SEIF. The bidding window is again narrow — until noon on 24 August 2012.

HINT: If you’re looking for the guidance notes — as I was — and are puzzled about where they are, here’s what yo seem to have to do. Go to the page this link takes you to. There is a contact details box that says ‘Sign up’. Fill that in and click ‘Sign up’. The next page has links to the various documentation, including the application form and guidance notes…

Whether it will work or not is open to question but if you want a quick shortcut to the guidance notes try this link.

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