Social enterprise in Queen’s Speech

For the first time ever, today’s Queen’s Speech included the words ‘social enterprise’! Outlining the programme for the incoming coalition government the Queen said:

‘The role of social enterprises, charities and co-operatives in our public services will be enhanced.’ See Social Enterprise magazine.

I wondered how this Queen’s Speech compared with Blair’s in 1997 — partly because I’ve always thought that one of the greatest joys open to a new prime minister must be putting unintelligible jargon into the mouth of the monarch. For instance, from 1998: “A Bill will be introduced to replace the NHS internal market which put hospitals, doctors and nurses in competition with each other. In its place will be decentralised arrangements based on partnership, quality and efficiency to put doctors and nurses in the lead in shaping local services.” I bet HRH was thinking,’ Crikey, that’ll fix it!’ But perhaps she also thought that this year, too…

Anyway, The Guardian got to this idea ahead of me and you can see a’wordle’ comparison of the first Blair and Cameron QSs here… And it turns out they are remarkably similar when represented by frequency of usage of individual words.

If you feel so inclined you can browse the Parliament archive of Queen’s Speeches here.

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