Social enterprise clusters in Digbeth

The Digbeth area of Birmingham, already known as a hub for the creative industries and new digital technology, has now become a magnet for social entrepreneurs, with over 20 thriving social enterprises trading in everything from baking to textiles, health care to marketing.

The stories of the organisations and individuals behind these amazing businesses are truly inspirational. We’re organising a series of walking tours of the area to provide an opportunity for budding social entrepreneurs to meet the people involved.  We want to encourage others to start up, or help those who are already trading, to pick up ideas by listening and sharing experiences. It’s all part of our push to make Birmingham the social enterprise capital of the UK!

10 people signed up for the first social enterprise tour of Digbeth, including Emma Daker, who is one of a team of women planning to open a shop in the Custard Factory to sell a range of their own hand-crafted items.  “I found the tour so interesting,” she said.  “We visited three enterprises during the morning and were able to walk from one to the other.  I learnt such a lot – including that anyone can do business!  Their stories were all very different, but everyone was passionate about what they were doing.  I really like the idea that with social enterprise you can help others as well as make a profit.”

To find out more about its Social Enterprise Walking Tours, or to book, check iSE’s website or call 0121 771 1411.

The next social enterprise walking tour is on the 17th Feb.

  1. Pauline Roche Reply

    Hi Alun

    Thought you’d like to know I’ve posted a link to this article on the excellent and informative ‘Digbeth is good’ blog. Hope there’s lots of interest!


  2. Alun Severn Reply

    Thanks, Pauline. I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

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