Social enterprise and public service reform — new briefing paper available

Anyone looking for a quick, easy-to-read overview of the government’s “mutuals agenda” will find our latest briefing paper useful.

Social enterprise and public service reform has been produced for us by Simon Lee at Anthony Collins Solicitors. It looks at the pros and cons of the mutuals agenda, what this means for existing social enterprises, the support available to public sector workers wishing to ‘spin-out’ the service they are responsible for as a new mutual — and perhaps most interestingly it considers what the government means exactly when it talks about “mutuals”.

Relevant website page.

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  1. Eleanor Cappell Reply

    Hi Alun,

    I have just finished reading your newly published ‘Social enterprise and public service reform’ briefing, which is easy to digest, concise and informative. It is great to see such a guide available to those who may be considering the route to establishing a Mutual and if anyone would like further information and links to further support I am very happy for people to contact me in my capacity as a Mutuals Ambassador for the Cabinet Office.

    I can be reached by email via

  2. Alun Severn Reply

    Thanks for your comment and kind words, Ellie.

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