SOCIAL ECONOMY MEMBER: Better Society Capital

Better Society Capital, previously Big Society Capital, is proud to join BSSEC CIC as a Social Economy Member and support initiatives tackling societal problems, inequalities and poverty in the West Midlands.

We’re invested in a range of projects across the Midlands, including The New Leaf Initiative C.I.C., a Birmingham-based social enterprise. They do an incredible job supporting people who are still trapped within the criminal justice system, to help them stabilise, upskill, and find employment, as well as enabling them to speak their truth to power.

Marie-Claire O’Brien, CEO of The New Leaf Initiative, as she explains how social investment helped them grow in terms of staffing, expanding their premises and knowledge sharing.

Read more from CEO Stephen Muers, who explains the rationale behind the re-brand, “Better Society Capital has now been working to bring investors alongside us to tackle social problems for over twelve years, and we have seen remarkable success from the organisations that we have been able to support. This evolution to Better Society Capital provides opportunity to reaffirm our mission and open up new opportunities to help maximise value for government, private investors, and the social purpose organisations who need it.”

Better Society Capital is the UK’s leading social impact investor. The organisation was formed in 2012 to further grow the amount of money invested in tackling serious social issues in the UK, and says that ‘Better Society Capital’ is a clearer articulation of the mission while retaining the track record and connection to the movement of social investment that it has helped to build.

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