Shop for Change puts inter-trading firmly on the map

We have covered Shop for Change on this blog before — here, for instance.

But did you know that what started as a fairly modest idea to promote more inter-trading between social enterprises and third sector organisations in Birmingham has taken on truly national proportions?

Well over 300 social enterprises now offer over 450 services and products on the Shop for Change website — you can see them all here. And the directory is still growing. If you want to buy from or sell to social enterprises in Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond, SfC now offers one of the fastest routes to identifying them.

And recently, as covered elsewhere on this blog, SfC has branched out with a new pop-up store offering monthly special offers and exclusives that you can’t buy anywhere else.

There have been many of us over recent years who have been involved in attempts to develop social enterprise directories of various sorts. It always seems such a good idea — and at first sight, an easy one. But it isn’t. To work, businesses have to vote with their feet — or at least, their keyboards and mouses.

And in the case of SfC they clearly are. Has your enterprise registered?

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