SEUK launches new badge for social enterprises and supporters

Social Enterprise UK has just announced that in response to demand from both its members and supporters of the social enterprise movement it has introduced a new badge that will enable social enterprises to identify themselves to customers and other stakeholders in a consistent way.

The criteria for using the badge are not as stringent as those required for the Social Enterprise Mark and the badge is not intended as a replacement for the Mark scheme.

SEUK explains the badge idea here and members can download it for their own use. A similar badge has also been introduced to enable social enterprise supporters to be part of the campaign.

This new idea — and perhaps especially the supporters’ badge — seem useful developments to me, because they mean that your customers, friends and allies will be able to state their support for social enterprise publicly. Local authorities that are buying from social enterprises, for example, could really capitalise on using the supporters’ badge.

It is fairly clear from SEUK’s website that the badge campaign will broadly be an ‘honesty system’. SEUK will, it says, be “keeping an eye open” but will depend on the social enterprise community to ensure that the badges are used fairly and honestly.

Third Sector Online covers the story here.

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