SEC publishes first “state of the sector” survey on Social Enterprise Day

Social Enterprise Day greetings! The Social Enterprise Coalition has just announced publication of its first ever ‘state of the sector’ survey (opens PDF in new window).

Sponsored by the Office of the Third Sector, its findings make encouraging reading. Almost a  thousand SEs were sampled and the survey found that:

  • Social enterprises are twice as confident of future growth as  typical small to medium enterprises (SMEs), with 48% of social enterprises responding positively as opposed to just 24% of SMEs.
  • Over half (56%) have increased their turnover from the previous year while less than 20% have seen it go down. This is a considerably better performance than SMEs in the UK, where only 28% increased their turnover and 43% saw it go down.
  • Two-thirds of those polled are making a profit, and around 20% are breaking even.

This suggests that SEs are performing better during the current economic downturn than conventional SMEs.

I’ve only skimmed the report but it looks as if it contains just the kind of national-level sector intelligence we can all make use of. Well done, SEC!

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