School for Social Entrepreneurs & Lloyds announce new grants and support scheme for social entrepreneurs

Covered in Third Sector Online here and on the SfSE’s website here, the School for Social Entrepreneurs has just announced that its new Social Entrepreneurs Programme, offered jointly with Lloyds Banking Group, will provide grants of between £4,000 and £25,000 along with up to a year’s training and support for existing and new-start social enterprises.

The programme will offer around 150 places a year for the next five years at eight SfSE locations across the country. This will include around 130 new-start awards. In the current climate this has to be good news.

However, yet again, time is of the essence. The intake will be determined in the next few days and applications close of the 28th May.

It’s unfortunate, I  feel, that so many of the new initiatives we are seeing operate on a basis that clearly says ‘demand outstrips supply: act now or miss out’. It would be so much better if the applicants for such support could utilise the help on offer at a time and in a way that suits them rather than the exigencies of the programme…. Still, we are where we are.

If  you are working with, supporting or simply know of social entrepreneurs who might be able to consider this approach to SE development — a year-long course — do please try and ensure that they know about it.

  1. Najma begum Reply

    Dear David
    We have been supporting schools recruiting teachers. We offer the service at a low cost due to current climate. Since the last two years we have made a loss as a result. We are determined to carry on and hence feel we meet the cic criteria. Can you please provide suuport in this grants application asap before the close date next monday. My mob no 07932732867
    Thank you.
    Najma begum

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