Save Our Support plans second lobby against cuts to services for most vulnerable

Birmingham Changing Futures Together is one of the organisations co-ordinating opposition to the cuts currently planned for the city’s various Supporting people services (see earlier post).

It has just issued the following statement:

I am writing to you asking for your support for the Save Our Support lobby on 14th February 2017, 3pm – 4:30pm which is a public response to the grave concerns we have regarding the proposed Birmingham City Council budget cuts to Supporting People.

Supporting People is an equalities programme that has and does support some of the most vulnerable people in our City with mental health problems, who live with physical or learning difficulties and those facing homelessness. It is an evidence-based programme that has proven to be life-changing for 1000s of its beneficiaries.

The Homelessness Reduction Bill passed its 3rd Reading in the House of Commons last week and now moves to the House of Lords where it is one step closer to becoming an Act of law. This will place statutory duties on local authorities, particularly around prevention, and is another reason why these proposed cuts to Supporting People make no sense socially, financially or environmentally. The bottom line is that the inequalities gap will widen and the most vulnerable placed at severe risk if these cuts are implemented. Cuts to Supporting People will equate to cuts to vital services as there is no more room for efficiency savings, it really will impact the frontline.

Please can I ask for your support on the day but also to share this event to your networks. We are counting on the compassion and concern of Birmingham people to make a stand and support the most vulnerable people in our City.

BCFT on Twitter.

Save Our Support — sign the petition.

Save Our Support on Twitter.

Birmingham now has futuristic buildings — but is worse off than in the 1930s: Road to Wigan Pier 2017. It is 81 years to the day that George Orwell travelled from London to Birmingham via Coventry on the first leg of a journey that awoke the country to the poverty faced by families in the North. Daily Mirror 29/01/17.

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