Sarah Crawley to leave iSE

Sarah Crawley will leave iSE, the organisation she founded, at the end of June 2020

Sarah Crawley has announced that she will be leaving iSE at the end of June 2020.

Sarah and I have worked together for over seventeen years and for a good part of that time she has served as chair of BSSEC and one of its Directors. This, thankfully, will continue and I look forward to continuing to work with Sarah in new and different ways in the future.

I think many will agree that without Sarah’s efforts over the past two decades, the social enterprise sector in Birmingham — and indeed beyond — would not be what it currently is.

While much of what happens by way of support for the sector is a collective effort, no one has ploughed as much time or as much unremitting energy into building partnerships and initiatives that support the sector in practical ways and help it grow. As well as running iSE, Sarah has always had a brilliant instinct for longer-term strategic growth and development in the sector.

Thank you, Sarah, and our best wishes for whatever you choose to do in life after iSE.

Please read Sarah’s own message below.

*  *  *

It’s with hugely mixed emotions I’m writing to tell you that I will be leaving my role at ISE at the end of June 2020.

It’s been an incredible two decades which began with a few like-minded individuals who came together wanting to grow the social enterprise sector.

I am so proud of the achievements of ISE and our two social enterprise places, not to mention more social enterprise hot spots emerging.

Highlights for me are the many interns who have moved on and are now working in amazing jobs around the country; the women’s enterprise hub supporting women from many communities to develop their confidence to achieve self-employment and start social enterprises; the networks of social enterprises across the city that we have helped to start and grow; the six successful City Drives we have now organised to raise awareness of social enterprise in Birmingham and beyond (get involved in City Drive 2020!); and finally all the fantastic partnerships we are involved in over many years and relationships we have.

My departure is planned, and everything will continue as before. The iSE team and Board are all ready to take ISE into its next stage of development and we will begin the search next week for a new CEO. Any help you can give in promoting that search when it appears in our social media feeds will be very much appreciated. We remain hugely appreciative to all the partners that have helped us to grow the social enterprise sector over the past two decades.

Please be certain that I will continue to be a massive advocate of social enterprise and after a short sabbatical my involvement with BSSEC and with Social Enterprise City will continue — there are exciting plans that Alun, myself and other steering group members are working on to take SE City to the next level — and I also hope to do some social enterprise-related work at a national level.

With best wishes,  Sarah

Birmingham UK. Freelance research, evaluation and policy consultant specialising in social enterprise and the third sector. I maintain the BSSEC blog and website
  1. Alun Severn Reply

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  2. Nora Darby Reply

    Wishing you well Sarah

    • Alun Severn Reply

      Thanks, Nora. I hope you’re well.

  3. Alan Cornfield Reply

    Hi Sarah. The best compliment I can give you is when I am asked how I would deal with a situation I always relate to how you would have approached it …this is the impact you had on my career in the Community & Voluntary Sector, Social Enterprise and now in my own little business.
    Always a fabulous advocate for entrepreneurship and hard work.
    I hope your enjoy whatever you go on to do.

    • Alun Severn Reply

      Alan — what a splendid testimonial that is. S will be delighted. I hope you’re well.

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