Strategic branding

Eco-systems Roundtable: Communicating Strategic Branding

At our BSSEC CIC Roundtables we have spent the last few months discussing how to create a positive environment for social economy growth, however without people, businesses and the public sector understanding what the sector does, its business model, and the social value we create, we are forever on the back foot.

We get questions like so are you a charity? What is ‘not for profit?’, How does your business work? How do you make money? Do you get paid or are you a volunteer? How are you a business? How good are we at explaining what we do and why we do it?

Within the West Midlands Combined Authority Social Economy Framework Growing the Social Economy in the WMCA Area – BSSEC CIC, it describes the importance of ‘communication’  and messaging to enable social economy growth however the concept of strategic branding seems to be little understood and often marketing and branding reverts to organisational messaging.

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