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The Cabinet Office has recently launched Inspiring Impact, a website of “new impact measurement tools”, including an online self-assessment tool intended to enable users to review their impact measurement practices.

Social Enterprise UK also recently launched its Social Value Hub, offering a repository of impact assessment and social value resources.

While it is undoubtedly useful to have these resources and materials drawn together in one place, these websites help illustrate the extent of the problem facing social enterprises that are trying to choose an appropriate social value or social impact measurement method. Without contextual analysis of the respective merits of these tools it is extremely difficult to assess what might suit your organisation.

There are huge difficulties involved in making an objective assessment of the plethora of measurement tools available. The time and resources required are significant — certainly beyond our capacity at present — but in our continuing work on social value we do hope to look in detail at at least some of the most important tools and comment on their use and transferability.

An ‘official UK social value portal’

In addition, the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) has been asked by advisors to Hazel Blears MP to assess how public authorities are implementing the Act. As a major piece of work conducted at scale – it involves contacting around 11,000 organisations, including all 433 local authorities, NHS bodies, police and emergency services, and Local Enterprise Partnerships – this could be extremely helpful in establishing some shared sense of purpose and method regarding social impact analysis and social value.

CCEG’s research will culminate in the launch of an ‘official UK Social Value Portal’ in the Autumn 2014.

Interested parties can register now to receive alerts on this work  and complete a preliminary survey. NB it is also possible to register without completing the initial survey, which may be what some will prefer to do.

 Inspiring Impact

 Social Value Hub

Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise & Governance’s social value implementation survey and portal registration

We recommend having a look at all of these resources — and registering to be part of the CCEG social value portal work.

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