‘Pulse’ says NHS bosses will reinvent themselves as social enterprise directors

Following the government’s recent announcement that PCTs will be abolished by 2013, I had heard from a number of people working in the health sector that key workers — including as highly placed staff as PCT chief execs — are looking at how they can reinvent themselves as social enterprises, possibly to provide outsourced commissioning support to the proposed consortiums formed by GP commissioners.

Within hours of hearing this from one friend I had a phone call from another PCT worker looking for advice and support to investigate turning his sixteen-strong medicines management team into a social enterprise. Health managers are clearly looking not just to reposition themselves for when their jobs go – who wouldn’t? — but to capitalise on the intellectual property they have.

This interesting article in the GPs’ online mag PULSE makes it official. You may have to register to read it but it’s free and well worth it. “GP leaders,” the piece says, “have backed moves for existing PCTs to morph into social enterprise-style agencies that could potentially support several consortia as an alternative to the private sector.”

  1. Susan Barter Reply

    Somebody needs to tell them quickly that their pay, pension and perks MIGHT be changing!!!

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