PSIAMS Transforming Services for Children and Young People

PSIAMS Systems Limited is a software and IT social enterprise that focusses on whole system solutions to help improve services delivery in the VCSE Sector. Recently, the PSIAMS team have been developing a range of solutions for organisations that support Children and Young People (CYP) in Dudley.


iZone, is a searchable directory of trusted, local, support available in Dudley for young people. The site was co-produced by young people and has a strong, iconic graphical theme. Based around the PSIAMS outcomes measurement themes the site provides young people with local, national and mobile services availed to them, in just three simple clicks.

Care and Share, is an online resource for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs which provides a range of information on services available in the Dudley Borough, including specialist schools. The site is also available to parents and guardians of SEN children and allows them to track and review their progress of an EHCP (Educational Health and Care Plan) application. Care and Share, is also making an impact on business in Dudley, such as, Intu’s Merry Hill Centre  which will be putting the site on its in-centre touch screens and with a small independent Barbers, Labichi’s Gent’s Hairdressing, that has now redesigned services for children with  disabilities, such as, Autism after hearing about the project – read about the initiative here.

In addition, to Care and Share and iZone, the PSIAMS team have created Chatterbox, a sharing platform for CYP professional in Dudley to collaborate and share information on good practice and local initiates across the borough. The PSIAMS team have also built a collaborative system for CYP organisations, as well as adult services organisations, to work together and reduce the pressure on health and social care work settings.

When were asked to draft a participation strategy for children and young people in Dudley Borough, we wanted to find a way of reducing duplication and over consultation. PSIAMS came up with Chatterbox – a professional co-working space where staff and professionals can share information, iZone – a local, trusted, information portal co-designed with children and young people, and Care n Share, a peer to peer special educational needs project for young people, parents and guardians to share their stories and improve support. PSIAMS has created an environment for change. Now we’re providing solutions to the local authority. We’ve got data that is readily available. Case studies in video and what children and young people’s services need in terms of care planning, service improvement, service design and strategic planning.” Nicki Burrows, Children and Young People, Dudley CVS

Care and Share, Chatterbox and iZone have all been developed by PSIAMS as part of their work to develop a collaborative approach to healthcare across the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, allowing the sector to scale and present solutions to divert and reduce the pressure of health services. They recently won an award from the WMAHSN for the work in this field.

PSIASM Systems now operates across: the Black Country, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Shropshire, South Yorkshire and Cheshire.

To find out more about the work of PSIAMS visit or call 01384 217055

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