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Project Aspie: Open Space Online opening up conversations

As part of their response to the Covid-19 pandemic during the autumn of 2020, Project Aspie launched a new initiative called Open Space Online.

Project Aspie is an award-winning organisation based in Birmingham that raises awareness and the profile of people with Autism within the community.

The Open Space Online project offers 1-to-1 mentoring sessions and online group sessions via Zoom. During the worst of the pandemic the focus was on Adapting to Change and Autism Shared Lived Experiences, Behavioural Challenges, Isolation and Loneliness and Mental Health and Wellbeing and much more.

“Many of these issues have enduring relevance and we are continuing this way of working,” says Graeme Croton, Founder and Director.

“Everything is possible but without willpower there is nothing”.

This initiative is particularly of interest to, and useful for, people with Asperger’s and Autism as well as Carers, Parents, Professionals etc.

“Project Aspie is run by Autistics to inspire others with Autism” and it is this ethos that makes Project Aspie different, new and unique. 

→ Find out more here: Open Space Online

→ Contact Project Aspie: email or call 07821 548904

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