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Power to Change: Community Tech Fund Announced

Power to Change has launched a new fund to support community businesses who are making and using technologies that generate benefit for and give power to communities.

Power to Change is committed to supporting community business as they enable communities to harness power and make places better. In light of the increasing influence of tech across all aspects of society, Power to Change recognises that something needs to be done to protect and ensure benefits are realised at a community level.

Community Tech: Makers & Maintainers aims to support community businesses with the maintenance of community tech where there is need for care and repair. The programme offers grants of £40,000 over two years to resource teams who create and curate community technologies.

The term ‘community tech’ means any hardware or software that delivers benefit to a community group, and which that community group has the authority to influence or control.

From adapting existing digital products, to building brand new hardware and software, community businesses are making technology that local people can hold to account, delivers local benefits, and that fully meets their needs.


This funding programme is looking to fund the following:

  • Repairs / updating of existing community tech
  • Day-to-day maintenance of community tech
  • Resource to plan and pilot effective maintenance approaches for existing community tech
  • Experimentation with or development of sustainable approaches to the stewardship and care of existing community tech infrastructure
  • Collaboration between community organisations that makes it easier to share or reuse knowledge, resources or infrastructure

Find out more about Makers & Maintainers here.

Apply for Community Tech fund here.

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