POPse! reports

I’m indebted to Social Enterprise East of England’s email bulletin for this item. I would have missed it otherwise. 

Back in May 2011 a bunch of “policy vagabonds, 3rd Sector tarts, social enterprise mercenaries and reformed Marxists” took over a disused Subway shop in Clerkenwell and the first pop-up social enterprise think-tank was born. It operated for a week of intensive discussions, debates, arguments, papers and tweets and then “went dark”.

Well, the report from that period of intense activity has now been published. (Although I’m sure pop-up think  tanks don’t call their publications “reports” — that would be nowhere near cutting-edge enough.)

The good news is, POPse’s Bursting Policy Bubbles is an excellent read — informative, provocative, probing, ideas-driven. And moreover, it is also well written and readable (even if the pop-up copy editors weren’t always available).

Highly recommended for its breadth of ideas, analysis and critique. (Click the graphic for a direct download of the PDF.)

  1. Simon Lee Reply

    Hi Alun,

    Thanks for this.

    Just to say that I clicked on the link and it didn’t work, but clicking on the pink picture worked fine.

    I know Dan Gregory and Dave Dawes (two of the POPse team) a little bit through the SEUK Health and Social Care Forums so will look forward to reading this.


  2. Alun Severn Reply

    Simon, Thanks — you just beat Tony to telling me the link was duff. My fault: I had pasted in the wrong URL.

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