Social Value & Health

Dudley CCG

Some of the themes discussed above were strongly evident in the work presented by Dudley CCG at our joint BSSEC/PSIAMS event, New Ideas on Social Value, held on the 12th December 2014.

It is especially instructive to have a look at Paul Maubach’s presentation (chief accountable officer, Dudley CCG), which sets out very clearly Dudley CCG’s intention to use social value as a means of:

» Addressing health inequalities.

» Addressing the social determinants of health.

» Moving services away from high-cost acute medical interventions to low-cost, community-based preventative and early-intervention services, with a broader ‘social’ emphasis on wellbeing and personal management of health. (As Paul Maubach said in the presentation referred to above, the NHS tends to focus on supporting people who are ill rather than helping people to stay well.)