Social Value & Health

Local CCG procurement strategies

It is worth noting, however, that during Feb/March 2015 we examined the procurement strategies of the Midlands CCGs: Cannock Chase CCG; East Staffordshire CCG; North Staffordshire CCG; Solihull CCG; North Stafford & Surrounds CCG; and Stoke-on-Trent CCG.

We found that typically these did no more than reference the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 as additional relevant legislation, usually as part of appendices, with links to either further information about the Act (most frequently SEUK’s guide and/or the Cabinet Office’s Procurement Policy Note 10/12: Public Services (social Value) Act 2012).

They did not explain how social value should be considered nor what social value might mean in the context of CCG commissioning. The exception to this was Solihull CCG. This did at least include a section (13.2, p.23) explaining what social value is, that commissioners must consider it, and that a formal record demonstrating that social value has been considered must be kept by the CCG. Overall — certainly if these can be taken as representative of other CCG procurement strategies — this would seem to reinforce Lord Young’s view that health is indeed lagging behind in its utilisation of the social value legislation.