PM asks Danny Kruger MP to review role of civil society during coronavirus crisis and ensure it is supported as part of recovery

I’m indebted to an email from the Directory of Social Change for this item.

Apparently, Danny Kruger MP (Devizes) has announced on his Twitter feed that the Prime Minister has asked him to work closely with Baroness Barran, the Minister for Civil Society in DCMS, to review the role played by civil society during the Covid-19 crisis and to make recommendations regarding how best the sector can be supported and communities empowered as part of recovery.

The PM asks that Kruger’s review should consider, amongst other things, how civil society can support public services, the role of philanthropy, social investment and business, and opportunities for young people.

‘Government has a role to play,’ the PM says in his letter (and pictured in Kruger’s tweet), ‘in supporting the voluntary effort and social entrepreneurialism that have proved so valuable so far, indwell be just as vital in the years ahead.’

‘How can we empower & strengthen communities for the long term?’ Kruger asks in his tweet, asking people to ‘please email me’ (which you can do by clicking this link).


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