On the first day of Christmas….

….my true love sent to me…. Reports.

Yes, nfpSynergy, the not-for-profit research consultancy, is offering twelve free reports for Christmas — although you do have to register to access them.

Hmm, very festive, I hear you say. Well, what they lack in festive fun some of them more than make up for in usefulness.

Now generally speaking I find nfp’s reports a bit charity-centric. This is OK for organisations that are first and foremost charities, but less helpful for social enterprises.

However, in the batch of twelve there is at least one exception — a really useful and interesting report called Branding Inside Out: A Best Practice Guide, sponsored and produced by Oliver Marketing.

I’ve just been looking at this and to it’s packed with helpful, thought-provoking stuff about key marketing principles — and not solely for charities. These are things that I reckon anyone in any kind of social purpose organisation can benefit from.

There are tons of practical examples, quotable quotes and tips about putting good marketing practice into practical, everyday useage in your organisation. I for one found plenty that made me stop and think. For instance:

It’s worth remembering that people don’t choose brands with the rational side of their brain, so brands that can explain “why” they exist are more likely to achieve engagement than brands that only focus on “how” and “what” they do.

Go to the nfpSynergy website to register and download the reports of your choice.

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