Office for Civil Society announces recipients of ‘strategic partner’ funding in the final year of the fund

Third Sector Online has coverage here regarding final recipients of funding from the Strategic Partners Fund before it is wound-up in 2014.

The successful bidders are:

  • Acevo in partnership with Euclid Network and New Philanthropy Capital £415,000
  • Community Foundation Network in partnership with Association of Charitable Foundations £330,000
  • Institute of Fundraising  £275,000
  • Locality £496,570
  • Navca £345,070
  • NCVO £500,000
  • Social Entrepreneurship Partnership £315,000
  • Social Enterprise Coalition in partnership with Co-operatives UK £499,199
  • Volunteering England £500,000

It is interesting to note that the social enterprise sector’s two national bodies — the Social Enterprise Coalition and Co-operativesUK — will jointly receive almost half-a-million pounds over the next three years, but also joined by another new body, the Social Entrepreneurship Partnership (comprising School for Social EntrepreneursUnLtdCan, the Plunkett Foundation and Social Firms UK,) which will receive £315,000.

Now, given the outcry there was just  a couple of months back when OCS’s strategic partners were being culled (forty-two organisations previously funded under the programme have not been successful in securing continued funding), I’d have to say that this doesn’t look that bad an outcome for the sector. Certainly, those seventeen organisations that have successfully been funded by OCS must be feeling very happy with themselves.

I just hope that they can square this relationship with the need to assert the independence and values of  the sector in the coming months — as job losses mount, communities feel the full force of cuts and, as seems almost certain to be the case, public opposition to the government’s austerity programme mounts. And those of you reading who feel sure you can catch just a whiff of the unmistakeable odour of sour grapes may well be right, but nonetheless I remain convinced that sector national bodies capable of supporting the sector and campaigning against socially damaging government policies will become a key issue in the coming months…


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