Nick Hurd’s open letter to the sector sets current policy announcements in their “strategic framework”

And now something for those of you who have not been keeping up. I only just found this — by accident. Maybe everybody else already knows about it…

On the 11th October 2011 Nick Hurd published a long open letter to charities and social enterprises seeking to set a welter of recent policy announcements in the “strategic framework in which they sit”.

In fact it is genuinely useful. If you can’t always keep the government’s strategic aims for civil society in order in your head (and answer questions on the strategic linkages between them, with extra marks awarded for currently acceptable usage of terminology), then read this and it will do it for you. You might — as I did —  even spot things you were previously unaware of.

The letter is flagged up on the Cabinet Office website here or go straight to the PDF.

(I realise now that the letter was previously mentioned by Third Sector Online, in fact, but it was headlined “Nick Hurd confirms government’s commitment to ‘big society’ vision” and I didn’t check  to see what it was. Had I known it was a handy way of keeping current policy initiatives all together in one place I would have downloaded it then!)

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