Nick Hurd Interview

Third Sector Online has a longish and interesting interview with Nick Hurd, minister for civil society.

The previous government pledged to invest £500m in the sector between 2008-11. Hurd confirms that whatever amount the coalition decides on, it will be significantly less than that. He goes on to say:

If you look at that £500m, has it made a huge difference to the sector? Has it transformed the fundamentals? Has it moved the sector in a healthy and positive direction, towards being more independent and resilient and efficient? The jury’s out on that – I’m not sure it has. We’re different from Labour. The heart of the big society agenda is about trying to reduce people’s sense of dependence on the state, and that goes for the sector as well.

You can read the whole interview on the Third Sector Online website here.

  1. Charles Rapson Reply

    There you go then. Proof that only three things are certain in life.
    Hold on tight folks.

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