NHS – ‘the power is back where it belongs: with GPs’…

There’s a fascinating post over on Health Exchange’s blog by its chief exec Graham Beaumont.

In it he muses on some of the speakers he heard — and some of the conversations he overheard — at the recent National Association for Primary Care (NAPC) conference in Birmingham.

One thing that made me sit up and take note was the point Graham makes about the persistent perception amongst those on the platform that health services provided by third sector organisations “are free as far as the NHS is concerned”.

I can’t be the only one who finds the language of so-called health “reforms” and the shift to Clinical Commissioning Groups and the central role of GPs impenetrable. Maybe its meant to be.

Health Exchange would be doing the whole sector a service if Graham could follow up this post with a series of short, plain-speaking articles on the implications these “reforms” have for social enterprise and the third sector….

Oh yes, the “conversations overheard”… Graham recounts that when a speaker on the panel talked about pharmacies as an integral part of the community infrastructure for primary care, one GP was overheard to say that he planned to close them all as “I can sell nappies and lipstick as well as they can….”

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