New start-up guide for social enterprise

Unity Trust Bank has sponsored a new start-up guide for social enterprises. The guide, produced and published by Social Enterprise UK, can be downloaded here.

I’ve only had a quick look at this so far but it looks good — extremely useful for anyone who is considering social enterprise for the first time and wants to know the main things they need to consider. It covers:

  • Getting started: your first business plan
  • The social enterprise approach
  • Finding investment and funding
  • Setting out
  • Where to start
  • Sources of finance and funding
  • Finding investment and funding – writing successful bids
  • Deciding on your legal structure
  • Finding and keeping the best people
  • Finding the right partners
  • Keeping on top of the money
  • Governance:building a board of trustees and directors
  • Growing and scaling up your business
  • Looking after number one
  • Where to go for structured support


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