New research claims the UK population of social enterprises could be as high as 232,000

Now this is interesting — and has some relevance to the question of social enterprise definitions, as we’ve debated before here, quite recently.

A recent report by Delta and IFF Research — a story covered here, and by Social Enterprise magazine, and by the FT — claims that the number of social enterprises in the UK could vastly exceed the official estimate of 62,000.

Delta/IFF claim that their research reveals that there could be as many as 232,000 businesses in the UK “which are motivated by social or environmental goals”.

I suspect that this will throw a healthy splash of fuel on the fire of the definitions debate — or maybe everyone thinks the same as one blog commenter the report quotes, Rod Schwartz who said, “Let’s spend our time growing the sector and leave it to future generations to decide what to call what we did.”

The full report can be downloaded here (look for the link — it’s half-way down on the right-hand side of the page and not immediately visible).

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