New ‘Sherlock’ award launched!

Further to this earlier post, I’ve just read an item in Third Sector Online which must take the No Sh*t, Sherlock Award (yes, a ‘Sherlock’!)…

“Social enterprise investment experts” have told the European Association for Philanthropy & Giving symposium that the key problem in social investment is not getting capital into the sector — it’s having enough competent, strong social enterprise business cases that invite investment. Who could have known.

“We’re often focused on getting more capital into the sector,” Ron Schwartz,, chief executive of ClearlySo, said. “I think there’s more than enough capital. What we need is more good social enterprises.”

Hmm. Hang on. Does that mean that social enterprise investment — the key idea of two successive governments now in how the sector can best be grown — was….a product without a market?

Quick, call the factory, we’re running out of Sherlocks, here!

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