New Ideas on Social Value — Event Report

Dudley CCG presentation

Paul Maubach, Chief Accountable Officer, Dudley CCG, gave some fascinating insights into the thinking of Dudley CCG and why it has decided to invest in PSIAMS, an outcomes measurement tool and client relations management system for person-centred services. Everyone there was impressed by what Paul had to say and the forward-thinking shown by Dudley CCG in investing in third sector infrastructure and skills that can help strengthen delivery of community-based health and social care.

Perhaps the most interesting point was the rationale Paul sees for investing in initiatives that have the potential to increase the capacity of the third sector to deliver early intervention and low-cost preventative services.

The per-head budget for Dudley CCG’s population is about £1200.00 each. A single admission to hospital spends the entirety of this, and more. Hence Dudley CCG’s interest in moving more of its budget (and services) away from “treating people” to “supporting wellbeing” — a recasting of health that can only be achieved, Paul explained, with the support of other types of providers.

The slide below shows how services need to be moved from the expensive lower-left hand corner of the graphic (‘medical’) to the upper-right (‘social’ and ‘wellbeing’).

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