New CIC formed to fight for support for 3m self-employed workers excluded from government’s Covid-19 support schemes

I know that as social entrepreneurs, voluntary sector workers, leaders of charities or activists in community groups, the plight of social enterprises and the wider third sector is what is really at the forefront of our concerns.

But like many I have been following the news regarding the estimated 3m self-employed people who are ineligible for either furloughing or the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS). Typically, these are freelancers who do not earn at least 50% of their income from self-employment, those who employ themselves through limited companies and those in new-start self-employment.

I can only begin to imagine the anxiety these people are experiencing. Especially affected are freelancers in the arts, creative and cultural industries, where short-term PAYE contracts for freelance self-employed people are apparently commonplace — meaning that many freelancers are ineligible for SEISS because they earn more than 50% of their income from short-term PAYE contracts or were between contracts when SEISS came into force.

That the Chancellor’s statement of the 8th June did nothing at all to offer any hope to these people seems an injustice that desperately needs addressing. There is a very good piece in The Guardian explaining the dreadful impact of this injustice and another on the This is Money website that better explains the technicalities. 

A new CIC called Excluded UK was formed in May specifically to fight for the rights of these workers. An All Party Parliamentary Group of Excluded UK led by Jamie Stone MP has also been established and now numbers almost 200 MPs.

If this concerns you or someone close to you, then you can do something to help:

Get involved in Excluded UK.

→ Donate to Excluded UK.

→ Write to your MP (via the excellent WriteToThem website which offers authentication and digital signature of letters).

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